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Shanequa Jones

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a 6 year Army veteran and have been in real estate since 2009. I love to read, exercise and goof around. I treat all of my clients the same whether their house is $150,000 or $550,000.

Why pick me?


Houston has 1000s of realtors, but not all are created the same; especially the ones who understand the VA home loan.

You need a realtor who understands the small nuances of being a veteran and the different aspects of the VA home loan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VA Home Loan Questions

Navigating the buying process can be complicated and confusing.

Here are a few common questions about the VA home loan I get asked a lot.

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The first step is to get pre-approved by a lender or mortgage broker. I have a list  if you need them.

Yes, you can. The price of the house will depend on what you can afford and how much entitlement you have left.

No, VA doesn’t. A home inspection is not required by VA, but it’s highly recommended a buyer gets one.

Yes, you can add your fiance to the mortgage, but if he/she isn’t a veteran, your down payment will be 12.5% instead of 0%.

VA doesn’t have a minimum credit score, but lenders will have their own set requirements. You should aim for at least a 620 credit score.

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