Don't Sell Your House The Old Way

Know your options!




You Shouldn't Have To Be Stuck With Only One Choice

Pick from a variety of options to sell your house.

Don't settle for the dissatisfaction of selling the old way.

 Protect yourself against one-trick pony realtors. 

Shanequa Jones
Broker/Owner Best Solution Realty

I understand that not everyone will sell for the same reasons or have the same goals. So why do Realtors only offer one solution to fit all sellers?

There are multiple ways to sell your house and I let you decide which route you want to take. Everyone likes options.

The Best Solution Plan

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Get A Plan

I'll create a strategy according to your  situation and market data.


Sell your home in a way that makes sense financially and strategically. 

Having Multiple Options Vs Only One Option


  • Subservient to the process
  • Reason for selling might not be solved
  • Stuck with selling the traditional way


  • Feel in control
  • Satisfied with the process 
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Heard by your Realtor
  • Sell on your terms


The way real estate has been sold has changed more in the last 5-10 years than in the previous 50. Yet, Realtors are sticking with outdated models for every house they sell.

The process must be tailored to fit each seller's needs by offering multiple solutions.