Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch is a master planned community located in the jurisdiction of Houston within Fort Bend and Harris Counties. It's considered to be part of the Greater Katy area  and is roughly 10 miles southeast of the city of Katy.

 Cinco Ranch's history goes back to before Texas was a republic. In the 1820s, Stephen F. Austin was granted authority by the Spanish government to establish the area and bring in 300 families. Bassett Blakely was the grandson of one of the families that settled in the area. He owned over 19,000 acres of land and turned it into a cattle ranch.

He later sold the ranch to five businessmen in 1837. In a nod to his Spanish roots, the businessman named it Cinco Ranch.

In February, 1984, the largest raw land transaction in the history of Houston took place when Cinco Ranch Venture purchased Cinco Ranch for a 5,000 acre master planned development. The community now totals 8,092 acres.

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